imageToday’s drawing sums up my day: a little off-key. Do you ever have Mondays on Tuesdays?


Dream big

imageI live in central Virginia where the temperature is nice and brisk this time of year. I love walking my dog on nights like this. It is so quiet and the sky is big and starry. Tonight, we took a moment to gaze up.

Snow bunny

imageI’m also fiddling around with a bunny character for a lead role in a children’s book. In this scene it just started snowing and he is lamenting that he cannot go out and play in it because (sigh) it is bedtime. I am thinking the illustration might be a bit too stark though. Still working on it.

In the next scene, he impulsively decides to get ready to go outside and play in the snow anyway, despite it being late. Does he get away with it??


Character building


imageMy friend and I are pursuing a goal of writing and illustrating a children’s book. She is a woman of great imagination, with writing and editing skills, to boot. Me: I’ve dabbled in various arts and crafts over the years and want to improve my illustration skills. I have the passion but need to work on the execution. I’ll be posting some of my attempts here along the way.


imageMeet Ruby. The book centers around her, a (hopefully) magnetic girl. She has a sidekick pet, a spotted skunk (that’s right) called Daffodil.

I fiddled around with some watercolor attempts at depicting her, then I switched to using the digital app called ProCreate (which I am in love with). Does she wear glasses? Not sure just yet.