52 Week Illustration Challenge


I belong to a great Facebook group whose goal is to challenge and inspire illustrators to create new art work on a theme each week. Last week’s theme was “costume” and this was my entry.


The Ogre of Rashomon

imageI am taking a wonderful online illustration course called “Marks and Splashes,” taught by talented illustrator Mark Mitchell. One of our assignments was to create a mock illustration for a children’s magazine based on one of three international folktales provided.

I chose a Japanese folktale called “The Ogre of Rashomon.” I was drawn to a point in the story where a Japanese knight, Watanabe, traveled to the gate of Rashomon on a moonless, stormy night to prove that he had made the journey and had not encountered the rumored ogre said to frequent the area.  He was to post a scroll with the signatures of his combrades as proof of the visit. Upon his attempt at posting the scroll, he hears a noise in the darkness…


This week’s prompt for the 52 Week Illustration challenge (hosted on Facebook) is “coffee.”  It may look like the cat is about to pounce but maybe he is just holding his mouse buddy up to get a warm sip 🙂



imageI am submitting this drawing (the product of snow day 2) to the 52 Week Illustration Challenge hosted on Facebook. The theme for this week is “farm” and nothing says that more to me than a pig!

(Another) snow day!

imageA snow day here in Virginia meant a day of drawing for me! I’m working on developing different characters in my drawings while also trying to work on a looser drawing style. Since I work digitally it has been a challenge to lighten those lines and create a softer atmosphere. My digital doodles tend to be bolder and more structured without my intention. Maybe I’ll work on a front view of kitty tomorrow!


imageI’m not quite sure what inspired this drawing. I think it’s the fact that I haven’t quite finished reading my book club book for this month and feel like I can’t move to the next one until I do. It’s not the Iliad but feels like it sometimes!

Portfolio development

I am starting to think about creating my portfolio and have read some really good tips on that at SCBWI.org. One bit of advice is to include more than one image of the same character. I am working on that now with this one. She is a smart and spunky girl with an interest in history and solving a good mystery! image